40 and over interracial dating

02-Sep-2017 14:54

They no longer feel comfortable in the singles scene (bars, parties, etc.), so they tend to slip into monogamy soon after a relationship starts and settle into a comfortable place.It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a priority or that he’s committed to advancing the relationship towards marriage.Men in this age bracket respond to your genuine care for the welfare of others – and especially notice the small ways you care for him, in particular.(Ladies, when the flu hits, I’ve learned that a home-delivered care package of homemade soup, a bottle of OJ, vitamin C, Kleenex and cough drops speaks volumes.If you’re marriage-minded, it’s important to verbalize what you want out of the relationship – a marriage proposal within a reasonable period of time – sooner, rather than later.If he has no intention of ever marrying or remarrying, you need to decide up front if you can live with that.

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