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The idea of wanting to protect someone is still foreign to K, so in a dramatic, no-holds-barred faceoff, Tor decides to show him how it is done.

After K's defeat, Tor is discharged from the hospital, and he and Julie renew their vows as duo partners.

She eventually comes to realize she is in love with Tor and confesses, however, he instead turned her down telling her that he's too weak (having a flashback of his sister's death).

Despite his rejection, she takes Toru´s words to her heart, even accepting Equipment Smith´s offer to become stronger, getting a Unit suit, despite having to fight against her friends.

Alternatively, you could state that Missouri is south of Iowa and north of Arkansas. On the other hand, absolute location references a place on the Earth's surface based on specific geographic coordinates, such as latitude and longitude.

is a Japanese light novel series by Takumi Hiiragiboshi with illustrations by Yū Asaba.

She is a very exceptional student whom at a young age has learned how to shoot and hunt, however, she is also selfish and arrogant.

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This information expresses your current location relative to the upcoming place. Louis is 96 miles away from Springfield, you know your relative location from St. Relative location is also a term that is used to indicate a place's location within a larger context. With some difficulty, you could provide the absolute locations of the boundaries of the state or country but most of the time it's easier to just display a map or describe the relative location of a place like a state or country. Both relative location and absolute location are geographic terms used to describe the location of a place on the Earth's surface.They are each unique in their ability to pinpoint a location on Earth. Silent Diva is a young woman, with her light blue hair coming down to her hips, and she has purple clothes with diamonds on each side of her hair, and she has purple eyes, just like Sakuya. A manga adaptation with art by Shin'ichirō Nariie started serialization in Media Factory's seinen manga magazine Monthly Comic Alive from April 27, 2013, and has been collected in a three tankōbon volumes.