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It does exactly as it sounds: when the phone detects that you're driving – or if you tell it – it will shut down all notifications and save you from being distracted.

The feature can enable itself automatically, but it's safest to head to the settings and turn them on yourself.

I have met some weird and truly wonderful people in the Conservative Party.

Probably helped along by the volume of alcohol generally involved at get-togethers.

It brings up a range of further options, all of which are intended to help you out if you're stuck in an emergency.

Don’t let our name fool you, we can actually be quite good fun after a pint or two.

Party conference therefore becomes the main social, as well as political, event in the annual calendar and a chance to see existing friends as well as to make new ones and crucial contacts along the way.

To turn the feature on, open up Settings and scroll down to "Emergency SOS".

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When you click on that, you'll be shown a little animation demonstrating how to enable the feature, and the app will offer the opportunity to define your "Auto Call" settings.Why at age twenty-something, living in the greatest city on earth, with bars, clubs and a myriad of events to offer, am I choosing to make the uncomfortable and surprisingly expensive train journey to Manchester to spend four days stuck in a conference centre with a bunch of Tories?For those who find that question self-explanatory, I’m pleased to say welcome to the club, and for those who don’t I’ll try to explain.That's meant to stop people getting into your phone, and also to give you an easy way of getting in contact with people if something bad happens. The first is obvious: it stops a would-be thief from forcing you to put your fingerprint on the sensor before they take the phone away.