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11-Sep-2017 17:01

And yes that did include pushing “Strong and Stable” Brexit leaflets through the doors of my fellow Londoners during the general election – despite the fact that I am a Remainer.

Along with my involvement within various think tanks, clubs, groups, and the local party association, comes an inevitable social aspect to all of this dry politics chat.

To turn the feature on, open up Settings and scroll down to "Emergency SOS".

When you click on that, you'll be shown a little animation demonstrating how to enable the feature, and the app will offer the opportunity to define your "Auto Call" settings.

For myself personally, the question I’d put to anyone remotely interested in the economy, the NHS, education, foreign affairs, the future of work, Brexit, and the elephant in the room – the future leadership of the party – would be: why wouldn’t you want to go?

I am going to be there to listen, in person, to the decision-makers that will determine our nation’s future in the coming parliament.

Not simply in soundbites on BBC News or in condensed summaries in the national papers, but there, in the heart of the action, in amongst the membership, just off camera, and within touching distance of the foundation of our parliamentary democracy.

If that doesn’t convince you to attend conference then I don’t know what will.

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You can choose an emergency contact or have the phone ring the emergency services, and can tell the phone to play a warning Countdown Sound before it does so or not.Why at age twenty-something, living in the greatest city on earth, with bars, clubs and a myriad of events to offer, am I choosing to make the uncomfortable and surprisingly expensive train journey to Manchester to spend four days stuck in a conference centre with a bunch of Tories?For those who find that question self-explanatory, I’m pleased to say welcome to the club, and for those who don’t I’ll try to explain.Once it's turned on, you can click the power button quickly five times and it will bring up the emergency SOS screen as well as immediately locking the phone.

It brings up a range of further options, all of which are intended to help you out if you're stuck in an emergency.

Don’t let our name fool you, we can actually be quite good fun after a pint or two.