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19-Nov-2017 20:24

Customize your medications by color and drag them into the sectioned pillbox graphic to easily organize your prescription schedule.This useful app ensures you will never again forget to take your daily medications.Pandora is a great way for music lovers to explore every genre of music.Making international and long-distance calls adds up, costing you hundreds of dollars to stay in touch with your family.Discover and share your favorite books on the Goodreads app.

The Pillboxie app reminds you to take medications at the scheduled times you set.Like the name implies, Find My i Phone helps you find your missing device, while also protecting the data stored on your phone in case of theft.Sign in with your Apple ID and you can remotely lock the device, display messages to whoever has your phone, play sounds, and even erase the device completely.Periodic commercial breaks allow users to listen to Pandora channels free of charge.

For .99 per month, subscribers listen to their music without commercial interruption.

You can even video chat over wireless Internet free of charge.