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Fo learned storytelling from his maternal grandfather and Lombard fishers and glassblowers.

Among the places in which Fo lived during his early years was Porto Valtravaglia, a glassblowing colony in which, it has been claimed, resided the highest percentage of insane people in Italy.

Fo met Franca Rame, daughter of a theatrical family, when they were working in the revue Sette giorni a Milano.

They became engaged, and he married her on 24 June 1954.

The series also featured Shakespearean tales with various twists, such as a version of Hamlet in which the titular character kills his father to continue an affair with his mother; Ophelia is portrayed as Hamlet's uncle's transvestite mistress, while Horatio plays the ghost of Hamlet's father dressed up as a sheet and only appears when Hamlet is drunk.

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In 1950, Fo asked to work with Franco Parenti on a variety show performed by radio actors, beginning a collaboration that would last until 1954.National uproar ensued over this censorship, with headlines in the daily newspapers and questions in the Italian parliament.RAI sued Fo and Rame and destroyed all the Canzonissima recordings.Canzonissima featured satirical songs and sketches depicting the lives of the working classes. One sketch featured a fat aunt who came to visit her nephew at his workplace (a canned meat factory) only to fall into a machine and come out as mincemeat, which the nephew retained in a cupboard at home and often displayed to friends: this led to complaints from canned meat producers and "industrialists in general"—though none from aunts, Fo later observed.