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17-May-2017 06:54

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For a musician or composer, their daily life is not just a nut-job.

He/she must practice and compose daily to get one great art.

I guess if I had to classify myself, I'd say I'm straight.

But I have, in the past, experimented in other realms of homosexuality and bisexuality. Like with my wife, I'm just so insanely in love and attracted to my wife that I go, "Well, OK, my love of musicals can't trump that I love pussy" [ Urie isn't the first celebrity to reveal he has a fluid perception of sexuality or to identify with the sentiment that everyone is a little bit gay.

If you want to know more about his wife, you must ask him or her yourself as his married life is not disclosed to anyone, not to the source too.

As Sarah is not known to all and is not a social persona, knowing or digging out more information about her is next to impossible.

At its worst, it amounts to an invasion of the celebritys privacy; after all, famous people are still human beings entitled to pursue romantic relationships in their personal lives. Very often, such characters will be a musicians girlfriend whose antics or presence cause the band to break up; shes often a direct send-up of Trope Namer Yoko Ono.

Thus, for now, they are not parents, and are living duo life together.

For all the genuine fans, you must have already guessed the name of his wife.