Aries dating sagittarius man

13-Dec-2017 07:14

There’s never any power struggle between these two related to ’who’s on top.’ Aries likes to have all the glory and Sagittarius is happy to control events from behind the scenes.

Both Signs are better at starting things than ending them, which can be trouble if one or both Sign feels that the relationship is becoming stale; thank goodness that’s so unlikely!

Mars is all about initiative, taking (sometimes aggressive) action. Aries is a Cardinal Sign and Sagittarius is a Mutable Sign.

When Aries comes up with a new, exciting idea for a date, trip or other adventure, Sagittarius is always ready and willing to go along for the ride. Aries initiates new ideas and Sagittarius will go right along with it — as long as they’re allowed to come along.

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Aries and Sagittarius make great friends as well as lovers.

They both crave life experience of their own and don’t like to waste time just reading about it or listening to others tell about theirs.

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