Aspxgridview rowupdating newvalues

21-Jun-2017 03:45

If you missed my previous post you can get it here: ASPx Grid View Excel style – Adding notes to grid cells.

The main goal for this time is to add inline editing functionality to the grid, in order to be able to update the imports and manage adding, editing and removing credit cards.

public static bool Add New Credit Card(string credit Card Name) public static bool Update Credit Card(int credit Card Id, string credit Card Name) public static string Get Credit Card(int credit Card Id) public static bool Remove Credit Card(int credit Card Id) This code is pretty straight forward.

hello my problem was that my gridview editable controls heep their old values. this is due to the grid view binding in the page_load method after every post back.

This is because we didn’t binded our grid to a valid and well defined Data Source.

May 10, 2010. This code demonstrates how to Add/Insert, Update, delete, edit in Devexpress aspxgridview. Sorting and changing position of columns is by default enabled. Only to disable it you need to specify.… continue reading »

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Please help me with writing a RowUpdating function in C#, I don't know how to grab the current field's value and also get the old value for one of keys which is ProjectName for editing of the selected row. I've tried Count, e. OldValues. Count, e. NewValues. Count ----------- all give zero. Some said if.… continue reading »

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Jan 2, 2013. If you missed my previous post you can get it here ASPxGridView Excel style – Adding notes to grid cells. The main. Once UpdateEdit is called a callback will be generated and the RowUpdating server side method will be executed, in which we will need to handle the persistence of the data. We need to.… continue reading »

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Update is cancelled in RowUpdating or no DataSourceID is specified. See the source code of GridView this. OnRowUpdatinge; //Fire RowUpdating if !e. Cancel && isBoundUsingDataSourceID { this._updateKeys = e. Keys; this._updateOldValues = e. OldValues; this._updateNewValues = e. NewValues;… continue reading »

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