Assertive to dating

16-Feb-2018 00:33

Non-assertive behaviour can take one of two forms: passive or aggressive behaviour. People using passive responses may have problems with self-esteem or self-confidence.They may also simply be trying to ‘keep the peace’ and avoid confrontations in their relationship.Sometimes it feels like his plans are limiting us, and sometimes it's not easy to wait for God's timing.

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It can also be quite challenging to be assertive with a partner.

Particularly when the relationship is new, you are quite likely to want to please the other person, so it can be hard to assert yourself, even if you feel it is necessary.

Unfortunately, however, patterns learned in the early days of a relationship are likely to persist, so you do need to get into good habits straight away!

Do not despair, however, if you feel that you are struggling to be assertive enough.

Our page on Assertiveness sets out that assertiveness is standing up for yourself and your rights, and being able to express your thoughts, feelings and views in an appropriate way.

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