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Whether they can go to college or not, whether they can work a 9-5 or not. Acceptance means radically choosing to believe and to affirm through your actions, that all humans are in fact valuable.That all ways of being human are worthy of respect. Especially if you don’t understand them.”Sydney Parker is a writer based in Los Angeles.She says the response she receives often takes a patronizing tone, with high praise for her saintly work helping those “unfortunate people.” She says she appreciates straight and non-autistic allies who want to help in meaningful ways, but too frequently the desire to help stems from a place of condescending pity rather than genuine compassion.Lydia encourages people to reexamine their mindset.

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It was as if people couldn’t conceive of someone being gay; for some reason, homophobia was less cool than ableism.

I was very lucky.” Ableism is a term used to describe discrimination and social prejudice against people with disabilities.