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P., Creditor CS University Place, II, LLC, Creditor Texas Ad Valorem Tax Claimants, Creditor Far West & Woodhollow, Ltd, Creditor Mopac Blockbuster JV, Creditor Talisman Group, Inc., Creditor M. P., Creditor PFRS Crossroads Corp., Creditor PFRS Patrick Center Corp., Creditor Mayfield Gentry Realty Advisors, Creditor LS Morrell LLC, Creditor Arlington Manor Co., Ltd., Creditor Collin County Tax Assessor/Collector, Creditor CBL & Associates Management, Inc., Creditor Chula Vista Town Center Associates II, L. P., Creditor Liquidity Solutions, Inc., Creditor North Willow, LP, Creditor Rodeo Holdings, LLC, Creditor HRI/Easton Commons, L. Young Jr., Unknown Carolee Donaldson, Unknown Kath Y J Santana, Unknown Grover Dunn Assistant Tax Collector - Jefferson County, Unknown Edry-LA, LLC Store Number 22096, Unknown Watt North Highlands, LP, Unknown Interactive Communications International Inc., Unknown Walt Disney Company, Unknown AT&T Corp., Unknown G-Force Industries, LLC, Unknown Fitch Plaza Partners, LLC, Unknown City Of Waterbury, Unknown Cobalt Video Holdco LLC, Unknown Mystic Marketing Associates, Unknown Tracy Sewell, Unknown Henrico Coutny, Virginia, Unknown Martin County Tax Collector, Unknown BIT Holdings Fifty-Two, Inc., Unknown United Texas Entertainment, Ltd., Unknown Midwest Entertainment, Inc., Unknown Amarillo Entertainment, Ltd., Unknown The Tan Group, Unknown Wells Fargo Bank, N. Ray, Unknown Worthington Park, LLC, Unknown Blockbuster L. C., Unknown HLF Passaic 2005, LLC, Unknown HLF Fairview 2005, LLC, Unknown Rock-Creek-Prosperity Center, LLC's, Unknown Ray Valdes, The Seminole County Tax Collector, Unknown Ray Valdes, Seminole County Tax Collector, Unknown Sheriff of Ohio County, Unknown Platte County Collector, Unknown Lexington County Treasurer's Office, Unknown Gregory F. 109, Unknown Liberty County Tax Commissioner, Unknown Nicolette Debibo, Unknown City Of Fort Worth, Unknown City of Wyoming Michigan, Unknown Swindell Farms, Inc., Unknown The Sovereign Company (Incorporated), Unknown UB Putnam, LLC, Unknown GFS Realty, Inc., Unknown Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Taxation, Unknown Tulsa County Treasurer, Unknown Written Opinion/Bench Memorandum and Decision signed on 1/20/2011 Denying Motion for Order Allowing Class Proof of Claim and Certifying the Proposed Classes (related document(s)707). Gibbs, Creditor Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream, Inc., Creditor Republic Square K/C, Ltd., successor-in-interest to Republic Square Joint Venture, Creditor35/WCD Century South K/C, Ltd., successor-in-interest to Austin Bryant Properites No. P., successor-in-interest to Addison Investors, Ltd., Creditor Silverlake Village Limited Partnership, Creditor SEC Preston/Lebanon, Ltd., Creditor Willow Bend Market, Ltd., Creditor9 SC Associates, Ltd., Creditor Park Place Shopping Center, Ltd., successor-in-interest to Big Six Realty, Ltd. Park and 114 Joint Venture, Creditor Fielder Plaza Limited Partnership, successor-in-interest to Fielder Plaza Joint Venture, Creditor Cognizant Technology Solutions, Creditor Libbey, Inc., Creditor Am REIT Lantern Lane, LP, Creditor Am REIT C-Ranch, LP, Creditor Am REIT Olmos Creek, LP, Creditor Am REIT, a Texas real estate investment trust, Creditor Am REIT Casa Linda, LP, Creditor Bexar County, Creditor NCR Corporation, Creditor Goldenberg Management, Inc., Creditor The Gateway, Creditor The Branch Plaza, Creditor Cortlandt Towne Centre, Creditor Pima County, Arizona, Creditor Toho Co., Ltd., Creditor West Caldwell Plaza, LLC, Creditor Center Plaza Limited Partnership, Creditor BSLM, L. C., Creditor ERP Operating Limited Partnership, Creditor Restani Development Corp., Creditor Alecta Real Estate Investments, LLC, Creditor Madison Marquette, Creditor Edens&Avant, Creditor Watt Companies, Creditor Jones Lang La Salle, Creditor NCP Fayetteville, LLC, Creditor Joe & Delores Mc Cray Revocable Trust, Creditor Lyme Regis Partners, LLC, Creditor Northpointe Plaza Limited Partnership, Creditor Gazza Properties, Inc., Creditor PM Quakertown Associates, L. P., Creditor Icahn Associates Corp., Creditor Icahn Capital LP, Creditor Icahn Partners Master Fund III L. P., Creditor Icahn Partners Master Fund LP, Creditor Icahn Partners LP, Creditor Carl Icahn, Creditor Seacliff Village Shopping Center, Inc., Creditor R&F Canandaigua, L. C., Creditor Northpark Village Corp., Creditor Spring Creek Plaza, LLC, Creditor Mt. Albans Center II LLC, Creditor RELP Richmond LLC, Creditor The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, N. Lindner Associates LLC, Interested Party Universal Studios Home Entertainment LLC, Interested Party Clear-Vu Products, Interested Party SBJ IP Holdings 1, LLC, Interested Party Ad Hoc Committee of Equity Security Holders, Interested Party Safeway Inc., Interested Party Grand M-P, L. C., Interested Party Steering Group of DIP Lenders, Roll-Up Noteholders and Senior Noteholders, Interested Party Lennox National Account Services, LLC, Interested Party THQ Inc., Interested Party Moody's Investors Service, Interested Party Oyster Point Plaza LLC, Interested Party United Parcel Service, Interested Party Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment LLC, Interested Party Staples, Inc., Interested Party Warner Home Video, a division of Warner Bros. P., Unknown Robert & Donna Dhondt, Unknown Toys R Us, Unknown Block & Co., Inc., Unknown Plymouth Square Associates I, Unknown Hesson Williams-Moore, Unknown The Schreiber Company, Unknown City of Monroe, Unknown Highlands County Tax Collector, Unknown Cohen Class Plaintiffs, Unknown Bank Of America, N.

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Competition from the Netflix mail-order service, Redbox automated kiosks, and video on demand services were major factors in Blockbuster's eventual demise.

Blockbuster LLC, formerly Blockbuster Entertainment, Inc. and also known as Blockbuster Video or simply Blockbuster, was an American-based provider of home movie and video game rental services through video rental shops, DVD-by-mail, streaming, video on demand, and cinema theater. Blockbuster became.… continue reading »

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Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors, Creditor Committee BB Liquidating Inc. Debtor Blockbuster Inc. Debtor Wilmington Trust FSB, as Agent, Interested Party CSG Systems, Inc. Interested Party Publix Super Markets, Inc. Interested Party Olympic Investments, Ltd. Interested Party 22300 Lake Shore Boulevard, LLC.… continue reading »

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BLOAQ, BB Liquidating Inc. BLOAQ. BLOBQ, Symbol changed to BLIBQ BLOBQ. BLPG, Blue Line Protection Group Inc BLPG. BLPGE, Blue Line Protection Group Inc BLPGE. BLPT, Bluepoint Linux Software Corp. BLPT. BLQN, BALQON CORP. BLQN. BLQNE, Balqon Corporation BLQNE. BLRGE, Blue Ridge.… continue reading »

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