Breaking the online dating sound barrier

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, 1923, to farming parents Susie Mae and Albert Hal Yeager in Myra, West Virginia, and graduated from high school in Hamlin, West Virginia, in June 1941.He had two brothers, Roy and Hal Jr., and two sisters, Doris Ann (accidentally killed at age 2 by 6-year-old Roy playing with a shotgun), 1941, and became an aircraft mechanic at George Air Force Base, Victorville, California.Keen aviation photographer Darek Siusta's series of shots were all taken within a second as the plane flew past However, they are not related to breaking the sound barrier or sonic booms – they are simply only associated with planes travelling at high speeds, often ones that can fly faster than the speed of sound, hence the association.The Super Hornet fighter created the vapour cone as it approached the sound barrier at around 760mph (1,225km/h).Henry Hobson is a successful bootmaker, a widower and a tyrannical father of three daughters.

He was awarded the Bronze Star for helping a B-24 navigator, "Pat" Patterson, who was shot in the knee during the escape attempt, to cross the Pyrenees.

In 1947, he became the first pilot confirmed to have exceeded the speed of sound in level flight.

Yeager's career began in World War II as a private in the United States Army Air Forces.

Assigned to the 357th Fighter Group at Tonopah, Nevada, he initially trained as a fighter pilot, flying Bell P-39 Airacobras (being grounded for seven days for clipping a farmer's tree during a training flight), after his girlfriend, Glennis Faye Dickhouse, who became his wife in February 1945.

Yeager had gained one victory before he was shot down over France in his first aircraft (P-51B-5-NA s/n 43-6763) on , 1944.After serving as an aircraft mechanic, in September 1942 he entered enlisted pilot training and upon graduation was promoted to the rank of flight officer (the World War II USAAF equivalent to warrant officer) and became a P-51 fighter pilot.After the war, Yeager became a test pilot of many types of aircraft, including experimental rocket-powered aircraft.Yeager later commanded fighter squadrons and wings in Germany, and in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War, and in recognition of the outstanding performance ratings of those units he was promoted to brigadier general.

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