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Many couples have conquered this barrier, remaining happily married, or committed, for decades.

Perhaps the best known are 68-year-old Michael Douglas and 43-year-old Catherine Zeta-Jones, who have bridged their quarter-century age gap to stand by each other through a long partnership (and some recent serious health scares).

The film, which takes place in San Mateo County, California, was shot in San Luis Potosi, Mexico with second-unit photography in Wellington, New Zealand.

In 1850 (Nine years after the events of the first film), California is voting on whether to join the United States of America as a state.

The Legend of Zorro is a 2005 swashbuckler american film and sequel to The Mask of Zorro (1998), directed by Martin Campbell.

Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones reprise their roles as the titular hero and his spouse, Elena, and Rufus Sewell stars as the villain, Count Armand.

But often when actors don’t like each other it hurts the project.

Many years down the line, Tony Curtis said that his immortal words “It was like kissing Hitler” about smooching Marilyn Monroe in that they apparently called their love scene “the hate scene”.

Upon returning to his mansion, Alejandro is greeted by his loving wife, Elena (Catherine Zeta-Jones).

Elena believes that Alejandro can now give up being Zorro, but Alejandro is sure that the people will still need him. The next day, after sending their son, Joaquin (Adrian Alonso) to school, Elena is confronted by the Pinkertons, who disclose their knowledge of Zorro's identity.

But won't the "junior partner" eventually have to pay the piper?

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Well, if you're 50 and your companion is 70, you're almost bound to provide care long before you would for a mate of the same age. Plus, most people would willingly choose to endure the rough patches so long as they get a reasonable run of the good stuff beforehand.A wild gunman with wooden teeth, Jacob Mc Givens (Nick Chinlund), attempts to steal the ballots, but Zorro (Antonio Banderas)chases after him and recaptures the votes.In their scuffle, Mc Givens pulls off Zorro's mask.To be fair, your friends may have a point: It is sexy to be with someone different, and there is a certain pride in attracting the interest of a younger mate.

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