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08-May-2017 18:47

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I also saw a crazy fat lady in ass-less black pleather chaps and a neon pink mesh top, bracing herself on a dresser, and bouncing her ass up down and over the shaft of a combat boot. Some would wager that the guise of anonymity on Chatroulette helps these users feel a bit safer when baring it all. Chatroulette Map is a project that is grabbing the IP addresses of users, along with a screenshot, and then using Geo IP tools to pinpoint them roughly on the map.

I watched for several seconds trying to figure out if the boot was actually entering her body. The site relies on the fact that Chatroulette connects users directly to each other (assumedly in an effort to save bandwidth) and in doing so exposes IP addresses.

But Chatroulette is not all leering dudes, bouncy headless chicks and teenagers hoping for boobs.

While navigating the game, I joked with people across Europe, one Canadian sang to me, and my stomach cramped from gut-wrenching laughter while chatting with a Dane.

Welcome to the future, where cyberbullies have ready access to visual weaponry!

S., about a quarter of them sprawled across a bed while staring into the computer. Some of these guys "nexted" participants simply for belonging to their same gender.