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The whistleblower alleged he had received death threats after he rebuked his colleagues for misusing a chat that was ostensibly created to discuss labor issues and instead was being filled with politically-motivated invective.Madrid's city hall has subsequently offered him a police escort.Municipal sources confirmed to EFE that a court was investigating the information published in an exclusive by online daily, which gained access to leaked conversations on the popular messaging app Whats App that appeared to show police officers making death threats and directing vitriol at progressive politicians such as Madrid Mayor Manuela Carmena, their boss."Let that old bitch die already," read one of the messages."Despicable hag," said another about the 73-year-old mayor, who assumed office in June 2015."It's terrible that she wasn't at the Atocha office when they killed her colleagues," a message said in reference to Carmena, a co-founder of a labor law firm that was targeted by far-right terrorists who murdered five lawyers and injured four in the 1977 Atocha Massacre.Com menos de uma semana no mercado, AC revelou que as expectativas em torno do sucessor de “Preto no Branco” (2009) são positivas tendo em conta o feedback que tem recebido.Ai nível a que habituou os fãs nos últimos anos, “AC Para os Amigos”, álbum todo produzido pelo próprio, conta também com as colaborações de Gabriel O Pensador, Rui Veloso ou do cubano Raul Reyes."I hope La Sexta blows up with them inside," the message said, adding that Pablo Iglesias (leader of the left-wing party Podemos) and Gabriel Rufián (spokesman for Catalan pro-independence party Republican Left of Catalonia) should also be inside the building when it exploded.

Todos estos comentarios fueron denunciados el pasado 13 de noviembre por uno de los integrantes del grupo, que consideró que se estaba produciendo un delito de odio.

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Por revelar ficaram as datas do regresso ao palco que, garante AC, vai acontecer em breve.

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A court in Madrid on Monday launched an investigation into alleged insults and threats made against several politicians and journalists, including the Spanish capital's mayor, in a group chat composed of over 100 local police officers.

As raízes cabo-verdianas de AC também não foram esquecidas com o músico a revelar que nem sempre se sentiu aceite em Portugal. Não temos que abdicar de uma coisa em função da outra.

The Caipi-Sexta event also attracts the attention of the locals, who sometimes stop by for a chat. Caipi-Sexta is exactly what Caminhos is all about we want you to have a great time in Rio while you learn Portuguese. Many students dive into the nightlife after Caipi-Sexta, which generally ends between and.… continue reading »

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La Policía sigue interrogando a los jóvenes que planeaban "hacer una manada" con una compañera de la universidad en un chat de Whatsapp. Según algunos estudiantes, ellos dicen que era una broma. Expertos en derecho penal aseguran que es moralmente reprobable pero que, en contra de lo que dicen.… continue reading »

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Sexita, Woman from Clonmel, 32 years Source… continue reading »

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