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27-Mar-2017 05:52

It costs about 0 and it has the capability to select the radio play-by-play or even natural ballpark sound in the MLB app. You can listen under the covers on earbuds plugged into the Roku remote. The sound is synchronized to the video and you don't have to adjust a thing.

You don't need anything else, not Radio Delay, not a computer, not another sound card, nothing else. If you're trapped in DSL hell like I used to be you should try viewing the MLB Free Game of the Day using a web browser.

Order your i Mic direct from Amazon at the link in the pane to the right.

Diagram for Option 1 — diagram showing how to listen with MLB Gameday Audio through two computers.The author is Russian and seems like a good guy, although the help text sometimes requires several reads to figure out. and the audio levels of each virtual sound card or else you can overdrive one section into distortion and make it sound terrible.It works great for me, but you must be careful with the settings of V. You need administrator rights on your computer to install VAC since it installs a driver to do its dirty work.In Windows 7 this REQUIRES you to right-click on the installation program and select “Run as Administrator”.