Dating an older recently divorced man backdating contract legal

22-Sep-2017 09:00

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You are the tool that shows she’s moved on and she doesn’t just take you as you are.

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So dating you, for her, is a sense of achievement and purpose, as that is her sole aim, not love and all that crap.

If she is at a certain age (especially over 40) most people will associate her as either a lesbian, or a manipulative wicked witch with a “B”, or a selfish pratt or a woman who can’t keep a guy and all sorts of assumptions.

Though this may not always be true, most divorcees can’t handle the assumptions whether they are true or not.

Statistics show that children are more likely to bond with a male partner of their mother than the female partner of their father.

So chances are you will get along with her kids, but she will resent you for it because to her, her kids reference her as number one and nobody else is allowed to content for their affection.

At this point, she commences war with the ex (whether good or bad) and she will always want to show him that she is doing much better than him and sadly you are just a pawn in her deadly game. Unlike a divorced man who shuns the idea of marriage again, for a divorced woman it’s the opposite.

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