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11-Dec-2017 20:17

In the field of incontinence management, companies have been developing a variety of urine-absorbing aids, i.e., a variety of adult disposable diapers, including tape-attached, pull-on and two-piece varieties, thereby developing an environment in which users are able to select products that are suitable to their lifestyles and physical conditions.

However, these companies are facing difficulties in marketing their products globally as no international standards are established for testing methods to appropriately evaluate the performance of adult disposable diapers developed in Japan.

Margaret Storey is an associate professor of history at De Paul University and an advocate for children with disabilities and medical complexity.

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One will search long and hard to find a public place in Chicago, or any city, that can easily accommodate this critical need for anyone over the age of 2.To overcome this obstacle, in August 2013, Japan submitted a proposal to the ISO for adding new testing methods as standards for appropriately evaluating the performance of Japan’s advanced adult disposable diapers, taking advantage of the revision of the existing standards for diapers.In response, the ISO decided to reflect Japan’s proposal in the revision of the existing international standard, which were issued as the 2017 version of the existing standards, in light of the results of the discussions on the proposal by the technical experts of the ISO member countries and votes cast by the member countries.Diapers are a fundamental element of daily life for many people, but nonetheless being an older child or an adult who wears diapers carries considerable embarrassment.

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(Some argue it is inappropriate to use the word diaper at all — briefs being the preferred euphemism.)This shame over diapers has serious consequences.

The revised and issued international standards titled “ISO 15621 Urine-absorbing aids  general guidelines on evaluation,” in which new standards proposed by Japan are incorporated--stipulate evaluation methods by type, application and absorbing performance--of adult disposable diapers. Not limited to incontinence management, nursing care is a field that cannot be considered separately from national or regional cultures and people’s lifestyle patterns.