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But it’s there, sitting right above the Mackinac Bridge, with its waterfalls, rivers, and varied landscape.

Shaped by the large number of “Yoopers” who claim Nordic ancestry, it’s home to white-tailed deer, black bears, and some of the best bird-watching in the world. But in the winter, God’s Country turns into a frozen hell.

West Bend Woolen Mills offers a full line of historical Hudson's Bay Blankets known for keeping trappers, hunters, fur traders, and Native Americans warm since the 18th century.

Native Americans and Hudson Bay traders first used wool blankets as currency in 1670 for their fine quality and warmth.

Surrounded by three Great Lakes, the winters freeze quicker and bite sharper than maybe anywhere else in the continental United States that I’ve experienced.

I’ve been stuck in the Upper Peninsula twice before for the kind of snowfall most Americans would call a “blizzard,” but a friend who grew up in the area described it as “normal winter weather.” Both times I kept warm sleeping next to wood-burning fires while huddled underneath Hudson Bay blankets, not ever wanting to let it go—just like people in the region, near-frozen and not, have been doing since the mid-1700s.

French fur trappers huddled in their Hudson Bays, trying to keep warm after long days spent hunting for beaver pelts.

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Hudson Bay Blankets provide superior comfort, warmth, and color through a 300 year old manufacturing process weaving together the best of old world artisanship and modern technology.A similar Hudson’s Bay Multi Wool 6 Point Queen, 90 inches by 100 inches, is available for 5 at Woolrich. Muller from Living in an Architectural Landmark, Seattle Edition.Above: Hudson’s Bay Company continue to sell a large range of the traditional blankets in a variety of colors and styles.According to Hudson’s Bay Company, the colors don’t hold any special significance and were chosen simply because they were popular and used the most reliable colorfast dyes at the time.

The black stitched lines, or “points,” at the top of each blanket have not changed either; they were the means by which a trader could gauge the size of a blanket without having to unfold it.

is an important part of Scandinavian culture, and while surely it goes beyond lighting candles and drinking tea, those aren’t necessarily bad places to start.

Witney had first supplied the Hudson's Bay Company HBC with woven goods as early as 1681 but the town did not become a major provider to it until the 1730s, when James Empson started receiving regular HBC orders 8. One of the earliest definite records we have for the supply of point blankets comes in December.… continue reading »

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Hudson Bay Blankets from the Hudson Bay Company are 100% wool blankets that are still loomed in England. These Hudson's Bay Point Blankets will last not just a lifetime but generations.… continue reading »

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Oct 24, 2012. Today, Hudson Bay point blankets serve several different functions. You can still buy them brand new from the company, but people are snatching them up from their families and from antique stores for extra warmth when the thermometer dips below freezing, as well as for fashion accessories and.… continue reading »

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Mar 23, 2017. Wrapping oneself up in a blanket is perhaps the best way to get cozy, and Hudson's Bay's iconic striped point blankets are easily the most quintessentially Canadian iterations. Newest to the point blanket family—the first new design in 17 years, in fact—is the Ice Point Blanket, launched to celebrate.… continue reading »

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