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In exchange, the British received beaver pelts, much in demand for use in the construction of top hats.The Hudson’s Bay point blanket, with its familiar off-white background and green, red, yellow, and blue stripes at either end, has remained exactly as it looked when it was known as the Chief’s Blanket.While Hudson Bay Blankets offer superior water resistance and durability outdoors, their plush wool construction makes them a great addition to any bedding system.

I’ve been stuck in the Upper Peninsula twice before for the kind of snowfall most Americans would call a “blizzard,” but a friend who grew up in the area described it as “normal winter weather.” Both times I kept warm sleeping next to wood-burning fires while huddled underneath Hudson Bay blankets, not ever wanting to let it go—just like people in the region, near-frozen and not, have been doing since the mid-1700s.

The only real change is that the wool now comes from sheep grazing in Yorkshire; Hudson’s Bay Company continues to sell the blankets in Canada, and Woolrich holds the official license to sell them in America.

Nov 15, 2016. Native Americans aren't generally associated with sheep, especially not sheep dotted about the limestone villages of the English Cotswolds. Yet the Hudson's Bay Point blanket owes its existence to both, with the Hudson's Bay fur trading post in Canada acting as a halfway point between the two cultures.… continue reading »

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