Dating kluson guitar tuners

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All solderjoints are original and untouched, the 4 pots are stamped 1, dating them to 1973, two original Spraque "black-beauty" capacitors, the two Gibson mini-humbuckers have the famous "Pat.

Nr.-decal" on their base-plate and strong outputs of 6,39K and 6,48K.

Replacing key components—such as the pickups, string nut, and tuners—can turn a workhorse guitar into a killer axe! To illustrate this process, we’ll use a 2004 Fender Mexican (MIM) Strat.

When it landed on my bench, it was in great structural condition, but I knew some mods and a good setup could make it a pro-level instrument.

This is perfect for adding clarity to rhythm parts and chord voicings.

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The tuners are the original Kluson "Doublering" tuners, which have never been changed and still work great.Nr.-decal" on their base-plate and strong outputs of 6,56K and 6,73K. Rather than spending a cool grand or two on a new Custom Shop or topline American Stratocaster, many guitarists opt to find a solid Mexican or Japanese Fender Strat and trick it out.Often my clients ask me how they can upgrade one of these instruments to make it gig-worthy.

There are several ways to customize a budget Strat without spending a fortune.

Then, using a 6" metal machinist ruler, I measure the gap between the top of the pole pieces to the bottom of the 1st and 6th strings (Fig.

You can get modern made Kluson tuners from. single and double line vintage tuners. fussy about tuners. I will change a guitar with brand new stock.… continue reading »

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I have a set of tuners and i would like to find out roughly what year they came off were on an old Tele copy i had years ago. They came off my.… continue reading »

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