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06-Jun-2017 00:41

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My first step was to sonically evaluate the guitar.

Though it played well, it didn’t have a lot of sustain and the stock tuners tended to drift out of tune.

This is perfect for adding clarity to rhythm parts and chord voicings.

Duncan Five-Twos sound louder than traditional Strat pickups, but when adjusted properly, they offer excellent tone and balance.

Often my clients ask me how they can upgrade one of these instruments to make it gig-worthy.

There are several ways to customize a budget Strat without spending a fortune.

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1.) Carefully turning the screws on either side of the pickup lets me raise or lower its height to my preferred measurements: These measurements are starting points, but I wouldn’t recommend adjusting Strat pickups any higher.There are many excellent brands available that will retrofit a Strat, and it’s important to explore all the options before you drop cash on a set that doesn’t fit.In the case of our Fender MIM Strat, I had to find a quality set that would retrofit the existing holes in the neck.Comfortable lightweight for a 70s Les Paul, low action and very comfortable to play!