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04-Mar-2018 12:34

You can consider yourself lucky if that is all that happens.

Consider the ramifications of having your finances totally in the dumps, facing bankruptcy. If your relationship is strong it can wait until you better able to handle being a couple.

Cause I've seen some 40 year , phone calls and we did get to know each other better than most who've been dating for years. I see women and men posting that they are in love with this person that they've been emailing on the net.

First of all, how can you love a person you've never met. Also, keep in mind that anyone can say anything on the net. And yes they can pretend to be something they are not.

Yes, it does happen..called the "Dear John" syndrome.

There is the stress that the Troop has to deal with in their day to day job.

Granted due to if he is a Seal he can't tell her much. Some will say that because of the very nature of Military life, (i.e., all the of times the accusations are unfounded, but it ends up adding a tremendous stress on the marriage. Someone is always talking about someone, and the big one is usually about who is sleeping with who.

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And really think about it...Soldier is working 15 hour days now with no time off, living in tents. Who has control, spending issues, and meeting financial .

A lot of times, you're not the only one they are chatting up. If your spouse doesn't, then they won't start as soon as they join.

If your marriage is based solely on sex than maybe you should rethink things.

I know many long loving marriages that have never had that issue even with frequent long deployments.

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There are ways to keep you intimacy smoking with a little imagination and communication on both of your parts.As I was reading through the Relationship forums, I was amazed at how many men and women wrote asking advise on marriage, finances, and fidelity issues.Should I get married, should I get married after Basic, my spouse is cheating, I don't know what to do.. Many of these stories were heartbreaking, however, being prior military myself I had to remind myself I was only seeing one side of the coin.Anyone can buy a uniform, dress up in that for a pic.