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Taufatofua plans to compete in the Men's 15 km freestyle race.

According to the Olympics website, top medalists in the event are often from Nordic countries like Norway and Finland, but I'll be rooting for Taufatofua and his sheer determination in this race. Taufatofua's freestyle race will occur on Friday, Feb. The likelihood of him scooping up a medal to wear at Feb.

The Olympics' cross-country skiing events are scheduled for the second week of the Games, with the men's events taking place from Sunday, Feb. 25's Closing Ceremony may be slim, but I'm sure his fans will love to see him compete regardless.

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He qualified as a cross-country skier shortly before the deadline passed, saying: The goal was to qualify in a year and I feel I don't have as much pressure as other people now, because I achieved what I set out to achieve and all I have left to do is give the best version of me in the race...

I'm always trying to raise the bar, so who knows, maybe I'll go for three Olympic sports.

Flash back to the viral moments of the 2016 Summer Olympics and you may remember the shirtless flag bearer with the abs that trended around the world.

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Yes, you should never pretend to be someone that you’re not, but a girl might like to see that you take pride in your appearance.Often accompanying his skiing videos is a brutally honest message about training, all of which can apply to general life situations beyond the Olympics.Case in point: this particular video tells followers that the cure for better training results is "more and more uphills." Essentially, make like Dory and Marvin and just keep swimming, guys.Although he's definitely keeping his clothes on this time, anyone who saw those abs has to wonder: Is Pita Taufatofua single?

Jan 26, 2015. 1, 2015 to Tonga to visit some “Ladies of Hiko” for the second time and to continue filming the history and stories of underground goddesses, songs, chants, dances, and competitions. image004 Located below the equator, right on the International Date Line, Tonga is known as the “Friendly Islands” and.… continue reading »

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