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Babies exposed to domestic violence may appear detached and unresponsive to adults.Battered women may not be able to provide sufficient nurture and care, which can lead babies to become passive and with no expectation of having their needs met.Conversely, babies may cry and fuss constantly for attention or in reaction to the stress.Infants also can experience sleep disturbances and eating disorders.An article about the discussion paper and the proposed changes to the law is featured on The Age online here.The Domestic Violence Program is comprised of a core group of Assistant District Attorneys, Victim Witness Advocates and other professionals who are trained to address the unique challenges involved in investigating and prosecuting a domestic violence case.For more information please contact the Pi P Coordinator at [email protected] or 03 9486 9866.

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The groups meet regularly to identify, assess and track high-risk domestic situations.

Abuse, Rape, and Domestic Violence Aid and Resource Collection: Where to get help If you’re in an abusive relationship and have children, you’re not the only person in the household affected.

This is true even if your children were not in the room, you were quiet, you covered the bruising, or they are too young to understand what was happening.

Children may experience chronic, elevated levels of tension and stress in an attempt to avoid or control the violence.

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Experiencing domestic violence can have negative effects on a child’s relationships with others.

The research indicates that: Download the report (pdf) or please see our order a publication page for how to order a print copy/copies ().