Dating womens vintage hats

14-Jan-2018 06:15

This criteria usually can only give you about a 10-year period into which the hat’s manufacture date could fit.Welcome searchers of history and information about men’s hats, fedoras, top hats, derbies and bowlers, and, more specifically, Stetson history.This is also rare and maybe a bit unreliable because, after all, the receipt could have come from any where and it’s hard to be sure it was actually for the hat it is with.Even less reliable is family lore on when a hat was purchased (so few people know anything about hats that this is a highly unreliable method of dating).

1940s Women's Hats: Image courtesy of Valerie Mendes and Amy de la Haye, 20 Century Fashion, 1992.On older hats the sweatband stitching can be very delicate.Turning down that leather in a rough manner can easily result in the stitching breaking apart of the leather cracking.Wide brimmed hats in more masculine styles were also popular 1940s Wide-brimmed Hat: Image courtesy of Valerie Mendes and Amy de la Haye Many 1940s hats had long bows or lace curtains that hung down the back of the head to the neck.

A Guide to Identifying ILGWU Union Labels. you use my Dating Vintage as Clothing and 5 Ways to Date. only — guides to union labels in women’s hats.… continue reading »

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