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10-Sep-2017 02:46

You are encouraged to become a member and join the more than 5,000 others like you who have been participating in conversations each day on the site.What's great is that Dating hosts many singles' events in different areas so that members can get together in person and hang out to see if there's a connection, either romantically or on the friendship side.Depending on the city, those activities vary greatly and could include paddle boarding, kayaking and ping-pong, among other fun events.

There are no charges unless you want to upgrade your membership.

A key element of Dating is that when you use it you'll notice that you don't have to initially subscribe, but rather you can, after you've added some very preliminary information about what area you're in, start searching for possible people of interest in your area.

To start a conversation with a member who's a potential match, if that member is a Connect member, then you can contact them even though you aren't yet a subscriber.

A Dating subscription, which is for different lengths of time, enables you to contact other members by instant or private messaging, save the profiles you love the most and get special discounts on tickets to the various events that are held, among many other features.

You can cancel at any time you like, so don't feel like you're 'trapped' and must stick it out.

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