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A Sphinx is a being with the head of a human and the body of a lion.

In ancient Egypt, the head might assume the face of the reigning pharaoh who, along with the Sphinx, was the earthly representation of the sky-god, Horus.

There was no such thing as music videos and I can imagine, being a young person during that time and seeing this film must have been like a dream come true, like a private concert for The Characters This film’s strength very much rests on the wonderful character actors.

Wilfrid Brambell was cast as Paul’s grandfather and his performance makes the film, IMHO.

He had been in a popular BBC show called where he’d apparently been called a dirty old man, which is where the big joke came from, “He’s very clean.” Norman Rossington and John Junkin were also wonderful as the band’s fake managers.

Comedian Anna Quayle (of fame and fandom was unlike anything or anyone up until that point. Little did they know that their influence on culture would stand the test of time, or at least the next fifty years.

There was a script.” Because of the naturalistic style of the film, many don’t realize that the film was almost one-hundred percent scripted.

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