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Being a famous musician, it is obvious that people have a deep interest in her personal life, and for that matter they stay updated to her news by following her on Twitter.Dawn was born in New Orleans, United States on the 5th of August, 1983 and in 2015, her age is 32 years old.Having released 7 albums till now, her fame and success is reflected by her net worth of .5 million US dollars.With not a very rich dating history, Dawn has not been married till now.She grew up to become a woman of average height, and measures 5 feet and 6 inches tall.With her long legs and sexy curvy figure, she has got many hot pictures in the media, posing in bikinis and such clothes. A minute later I feel his little fingers poking my belly button. Thirty seconds later, I feel him poking my belly again! ' He looks up at me and whispers, 'I'm playing with the baby! I'd be on ' Maury.' ' You are guilty,' We know we're not cheating on each other. When people are happy, there are going to be people trying to push negative energy to [them]." About two weeks ago, it was 6 a.m., [Kieran] crawled in our bed to cuddle.

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After recording their first album in 2008, the band members decided to take their separate ways, and so the band broke down in 2009.

She has only had a couple of boyfriends and surely hasn’t had any husband that we know of.