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The connection between all three of them is immediate, but the connection and chemistry between Izzy and Emma is intense.Though Izzy never actually states her sexual identity, it is assumed that she is likely Bisexual or Pansexual. In season 1 episode "Witch Hunt" they go to the prom as a couple, holding hands as they enter and afterwards dance together.Annaliese, however, is more open about who they are to each other.Father Marcus mentions that he has been "mostly" celibate after being excommunicated in season one, and he exchanges a flirtatious look with a man at a bar.

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Sanchez is accused of "sexual disturbances", which seems to be the euphemism for homosexual tendencies.He denies being gay and commits suicide in episode 6 of season 1. Freddy is a young gay man fascinated by Monsignor Gutierrez at some point.During a flashback, it is confirmed that Katherine is queer, and that she dated a friend from college before her death in a car accident that Katherine survived (another character references the girl as "the love of her life").Cotton Brown is the transgender daughter of Carlota Brown (played by Queen Latifah).

Miss Bruce is transgender, too, and they both work in Carlota Brown's beauty shop.

Cheryl Blossom was attracted to Archie throughout season 1, but in the early episodes of season 2 she was rumored to have a secret crush on Josie.

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Claire thinks the perfect man she's dating is brough to. Sethe and Denver take her in and then strange. asks her former best friend Dichen Lachman.… continue reading »

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