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03-May-2017 08:22

Not long after they started dating, my father's new girlfriend had to move back to Thailand, without him.Despite the oceans between them, they've maintained their relationship.

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Zoosk, a dating website, conducted an analysis of over 2.4 million of its participants’ conversations and found that single men with children receive 22 percent more first messages and are engaged in 8 percent more deep conversations than those without children."I'm playing table tennis with the Under-30s Champion of Beijing," he'll say when I call him on a Friday night. "These characteristics make him lovably unique and very funny. "I'm exhausted," he admitted, "but I haven't felt so alive in years! He was still in love with her when they separated, but the problems in their relationship had ultimately worn my mother down. He was unable (or rather unwilling) to start a new serious relationship.But at times, his exciting, spur-of-the-moment life can be tiring to keep up with. He confided in me that he wasn't the least bit interested in falling in love again. He was no longer interested in long-term commitment.Case in point: Not only did I have to cope with the fact that his new girlfriend was half his age, but also that he was considering moving to Thailand with her. Now, he wanted to be committed to himself—spending some quality time on his own terms.