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Some small jugs due to the limited space marked with the words “Royal Doulton, Made in England”.As all of the character mugs/jugs and Toby jugs offered here were packed away 1972 and carefully stored until 2011, the later changes to them do not apply.From the late 1930’s until around 1955 the name of the character jug generally appeared in inverted commas.In the 1940’s ,the backstamp on the tiny character jugs omitted the Lion and Crown mark due to the space constraints. Although there are several explanations, the Royal Doulton factory explains it was a factory-control mark used during production to indicate wares to go to a certain kiln, the Georgian kiln..This number is found is located to the right of the Lion and Crown trademark.The numbering system began in 1928 so the numeral “9” denotes 1937.

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Beginning with the 1930’s through the 1940’s , some character jugs had a date code giving of year of manufacture.

These jugs have a translucent body rather then the finish of earthenware.