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29-Dec-2017 03:31

Belmonte and Miss Ellis had checked into the Sheraton Hotel on December 30th and used the card to pay for their room.

The pair were not happy with the hotel and moved to the luxury Jumeriah Beach Hotel where rooms cost up to £500 a night.

In this case with Lucas that company is American Express, whom we have and continue to approach to release Lucas.'Haigh said it was not unusual for people to have been tricked into signing false confessions after being arrested in Dubai.

Radha Stirling, from Detained in Dubai, said: 'Many people who come to Detained in Dubai seeking help have been tricked into signing false confessions.

Lucas was then repeatedly denied bail on the basis of the false confession he was made to sign in Arabic and not given access to representation and without a translation available in English he was unable to defend himself.

The man - named as Lucas Belmonte - was arrested by police while he was staying in the country with his girlfriend Summer Ellis.Belmonte said he was told to admit he was using a fake credit card and told by police 'you will both go to prison and we will make sure you do not see a judge for six months.'Both Belmonte and his girlfriend were held overnight in a freezing police cell.He claims he was given an inaccurate translation of the confession, which he signed, allowing the release of his girlfriend who flew home to Essex.As they tried to check-in the hotel receptionist told them the credit card had been blocked.