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The dawn of the twentieth century was forged in hope and optimism. Though ideological enemies, the Soviet Union and the United States are allies against Hitler during WWII. Impoverished after the war, Great Britain opts out as a world power. DVD X2806 [preservation copy]; Video/C 4891 Human Rights, Fundamental Freedom, Portrayal of postwar Europe. So fell Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Rumania, the rest of the Balkans, half of Germany and half of Vienna.

Here interviewees from Europe, Asia and the United States (boasting an average age of 102), recount the part they played in the century's early history. At the end of the war, Europe is divided, and the one-time allies now confront each other knowing that the United States has the atomic bomb. The United States assumes the mantle of world leadership. The United States adopts the Truman doctrine, pledging to defend freedom worldwide. East Europe exchanged the tyranny of Hitler for the tyranny of Stalin. DVD 2807 [preservation copy]; Video/C 4892 How are the Mighty Fallen.

Whether fighting on the barricades of the failed Russian Revolution of 1905 or campaigning for votes for women; recalling the Paris Exposition of 1900, or President Mc Kinley's assassination or witnessing the sinking of the Titanic, all remember the changes they lived through and the clash of forces and ideas before World War I. Secretary of State George Marshall plans to bolster economic recovery in Europe. Britain cast out the conservatives and rang in the Labour Party. Discusses the post-World War II establishment of the Iron Curtain and the beginning of Cold War tensions which reached a climax with the 1948-49 Russian blockade of West Berlin.

Stalin insists that the governments of the Soviet Union's client states be pro-communist. Discusses the Nazi extermination camps and their brutality against Jewish and Slavic peoples.

DVD X2801 [preservation copy]; Video/C 4886 This Generation Has No Future.

Discusses the Russian defeat in the Russo-Japanese War which convinced Asians, Africans, and Indians that Europe was not invincible and inspired confidence in Germany which was already mobilizing its forces.

Discusses the devastating effects of modern warfare techniques.

Examines the chronology of events of the First World Warn Europe, including the Bolshevik Revolution and Russia's withdrawal from the war, America's entry into the war, and Germany's defeat.

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Challenges on the periphery: Iceland, edge of the habitable world. A telecourse designed to build understanding of geography by examining eleven regions of the world and their interconnections. Transforming industrial coreland: Liverpool, a new dawn. Each program contains case studies which characterize an individual region. East Looks West investigates Berlin's transition from a weakened and divided city to one of emerging importance and investigates the diffusion of democratic ideas throughout Poland. Challenges on the periphery: Iceland, edge of the habitable world. A telecourse designed to build understanding of geography by examining eleven regions of the world and their interconnections. Supranationalism and Devolution examines the co-existence of French and German cultures in Strasbourg and economic and social adjustments in the recently created Slovakia and Czech Republics.In 1961, the Soviets launch Yuri Gargarin into space. The superpowers confront each other; but rather than embark on nuclear war, they each step back. Vietnam has been divided since the end of French colonial rule. In Czechoslovakia, Dubcek attempts limited reform, but in 1968, Soviet force crushes the Prague Spring. Chinese communists win the longest civil war in 20th century history. Gorbachev makes no effort to hold them back with force. Video/C 5742 A short history of the European Union with emphasis on the changes which must occur if a number of Eastern European countries which have applied for membership are accepted. How Putin came to power traces the stunningly rapid ascension of this political unknown to leadership of the Kremlin as the result of a power struggle between factions of the country's ruling oligarchs and a behind-the-scenes political deal. This program looks at the man, at the roots of his philosophy, at the causes and explanations of his philosophical development, and at its most direct outcome: the failed Soviet Union. Video/C 806 Wolf pack: U-boats in the Atlantic, 1939-1944.

Eastern Europe, Breaking with the. Eastern & Central European Newsreels, 1926-1944. letters, and diaries dating from the 1920's to the 1960's.… continue reading »

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