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Transforming industrial coreland: Liverpool, a new dawn. Each program contains case studies which characterize an individual region. East Looks West investigates Berlin's transition from a weakened and divided city to one of emerging importance and investigates the diffusion of democratic ideas throughout Poland. Challenges on the periphery: Iceland, edge of the habitable world. A telecourse designed to build understanding of geography by examining eleven regions of the world and their interconnections. Supranationalism and Devolution examines the co-existence of French and German cultures in Strasbourg and economic and social adjustments in the recently created Slovakia and Czech Republics. Also includes the American Army in occupied Vienna, floods in Austria in the 1950s, the story of the American propaganda radio station Radio Free Europe and the short American propaganda film "Let us live! Also shows the Fauvists of Paris and Berlin characterized through their art, the century's chaotic first decade. DVD X2799 [preservation copy]; Video/C 4884 A World to Win. Video/C 9336 Hungarian occupation of Czech Territory, (1939, 10 min.) -- Vienna: Four-power occupation after World War II (unedited footage, 3 min.) -- Floods in Austria (unedited footage, 1950, 3 min.) -- Lifeline to freedom: the story of Radio Free Europe (12 min.) -- Let us live! A variety of newsreels showing footage of the 1939 Hungarian occupation of Vienna with dignitaries and local citizens welcoming occupation officials, Czech signs and Hungarian gendarmes assuming police duties. Supranationalism and devolution: Strasbourg, Europe's new capital? Deals with the forces of unrest that threatened the empires in the early the theories of Marx and Engels in Europe, the oppression in the Colonies, and revolutionaries in Russia.In Africa, the Soviets exploit nationalist, anti-colonial struggles. Russia's spirit of fight was incredible to her adversaries. Analyzes the events of World War II in Europe, focusing on the unprecedented destruction of civilian populations.

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When he dies in 1953, the Soviet people mourn the end of an era. In June 1950, North Korea invades the South, with Stalin's blessing. Khrushchev outmaneuvers Malenkov for power and visits the West. defense spending and proposes the Strategic Defense Initiative, an anti-missile system in space. DVD 2809 [preservation copy]; Video/C 4894 A European Idea. Episode six of the Great War examines the critical year of 1918.

Whether fighting on the barricades of the failed Russian Revolution of 1905 or campaigning for votes for women; recalling the Paris Exposition of 1900, or President Mc Kinley's assassination or witnessing the sinking of the Titanic, all remember the changes they lived through and the clash of forces and ideas before World War I. Secretary of State George Marshall plans to bolster economic recovery in Europe. Britain cast out the conservatives and rang in the Labour Party. Discusses the post-World War II establishment of the Iron Curtain and the beginning of Cold War tensions which reached a climax with the 1948-49 Russian blockade of West Berlin.

Stalin insists that the governments of the Soviet Union's client states be pro-communist. Discusses the Nazi extermination camps and their brutality against Jewish and Slavic peoples.

DVD X2805 [preservation copy]; Video/C 4890 With Hardship Their Garment.

Discusses the aftermath of World War I, including the creation of the League of Nations, the problems of the Weimar Republic, the establishment of dictatorships in Poland, Yugoslavia, and Hungary, and Mussolini's rise to power in Italy. Discusses Stalin's five-year plans in the Soviet Union, the civil war in Spain, and the signing of the Nazi-Soviet Pact of 1939. Analyzes the causes and effects of the 1905 revolution in Russia. Analyzes the European events and conditions that set the stage for the First World War. Examines the forces of unrest which disrupted European stability at the beginning of 20th century, including colonial nationalism, industrialization, socialism, trade unionism, and various reform movements. East Looks West investigates Berlin's transition from a weakened and divided city to one of emerging importance and investigates the diffusion of democratic ideas throughout Poland. Challenges on the Periphery investigates Iceland which exists on the cultural and physical periphery of Europe and the gradual decline of the once-central but now peripheral Andalucia Region of Spain and its hopes for the future. per tape Video/C 4313 (pts 3-4); Video/C 4314 (pts 5-6) Hey-day Fever.