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Intruders usually hide these Trojan horses in games and other small programs that unsuspecting users then execute on their PCs.Typically, exploited users either download and execute the malicious programs or are tricked into clicking rogue email attachments. Intruders ultimately launch the server program on a victim's machine by binding the installing component to some other legitimate program.Second, an unauthorized user's ability to remotely control the host PC is a powerful tool when wielded in the wrong hands.Remote users not only can manipulate PC resources but can pose as the PC's legitimate user and send email on behalf of the user, mischievously modify documents, and use the PC to attack other computers.RATs are more dangerous than all other types of malicious code.

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After defining the server executable's behavior, the intruder generates the program, then tricks the host machine's owner into running it.Everything you say and do around the PC can be recorded.Some RATs include a packet sniffer that captures and analyzes every packet that crosses the PC's network card.An intruder then can use the information a RAT captures to create future back doors, cause privacy violations, perform identity theft, and create financial problems—problems that might not be readily identifiable for months.