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Article: G-Dragon, "The 25 year old girl described as the perfect match in Bae Bae is not about Kiko" (Interview)" Source: Star News via Nate When asked if the theme of 'Bae Bae' being about a 25 year old girl was about Kiko, G-Dragon replied, "Is Kiko 25 years old?

This druggie thinks his fans are fools or something when he's the one hanging around Itaewon with her in his arms. I'm sick of hearing about that Japanese b*tch all the time.. [ 1,172, -114] GD-ya, you saw Beenzino's girlfriend, right?

Now, she is on filming John Wick as a role of Addy and in television series White Collar as a role of Rachel Turner, and she is on American crime drama telecasting since 2013 Regarding recent dating and affairs about hot actress Bridget Regan, wiki answer tells she may be dating with Craig Horner as they are looking cute together but don’t have great chemistry.

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Home Free fat girls live on cam without register or card payment 100 free memphis adult dating intimidating a witness Lve text sex chat dating online chating nionline nude dating friends nick jones dating HOUSTON - It looks like the dating rumors are true - J.[ 300, -10] No one's going to believe it because there are no pictures, especially in an industry where people will deny it even if there are pictures 3. puts even Rain to shame who dated Song Hye Gyo, Jun Ji Hyun, and Kim Tae Hee 8. [ 16, -0] I remember hearing rumors about this years ago... [ 328, -31] All these suspicions, I'm passing on this because there are no pictures 2.[ 29, -1] I think it's better for celebrities to deny it until the end no matter what. [ 360, -69] Nobody even knows who invited her ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ how embarrassing for her. [ 207, -30] Just because she attends his screening doesn't mean they're dating though 5.The minute you admit it, it's all the media ever focuses on... She attends a screening and no one knows why she's there 3. [ 153, -13] Sohee was there because of JYP's Choi Woo Shik who invited her.

Can't believe people are trying to squeeze this screening from two years ago into the dating rumors. [ 88, -3] Looks like all they could find as evidence was this screening and the fact that Kim Soo Hyun sang a WG song at his fan meet ㅋ If they've been dating for a year now, how is there nothing but a screening she attended by invite of a labelmate and a song he sang at a fan meet? [ 78, -3] This is the best evidence they could come up with;;;; proves that the rumors are fake.

Article: Lyn responds to haters "Playing a tragic role?

We are not haters just people that feel upset that you're dating a sexoffender. 2. +644, -99 Okay yeah, I get that you're in love with him,… continue reading »

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Mar 18, 2017. They forgot the sohee and gdragon rumor. Lmao that was the OG dating rumour. I remember her carrying around his laptop was a BIG giveaway, like it's not your typical coincidental matching outfits or whatever. We'll never know I guess. Really hoping the Kpop industry evolves to a point where the public.… continue reading »

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