Hindutva crazies on dating of the rig veda

22-Aug-2017 08:53

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None of these Munda loans are found outside of Indic.They would be found all through IE if the Out of India Theory (OIT) was true.There are some river names left in Eastern Punjab and Haryana where the local Indus Valley Civilization (IVC) continued for some time after the arrival of the Aryans.These names would not be there if the OIT was true.Instead, this borrowing is precisely what we would expect to see when pastoralists from Central Asia move into the tropics, encounter new plants and animals and start farming – they borrow the terms for these new living things and technologies from the locals.This is particularly so in the case of farming, which was left to the local people – the Sudra caste.The suggestion is that the shards are Indo-Aryan and appear first on the steppes and then again in the BMAC with its conquest by the Aryans. The chariot appears in the Urals 4000 YBP and then spreads rapidly in many directions with the spread of IE languages, to Europe, to China via the Tocharians and of course to India and Iran via the Aryans.

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About 4% of the words in Rig Vedas are these early Munda loans.

Nahali, a small language in Madhya Pradesh, at successively lower levels of its vocabulary, displays high levels of borrowing from earlier tongues.

There is a Krishna in the Rig Veda who is a demon. a known Hindutva votary. why is there still no consensus on the dating of this epic.… continue reading »

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I am not even sure if dating based. etc. The arguments, even if they are from crazies. usage of the decimal system, Ch 2, pp. 14, sourced from Rig Veda.… continue reading »

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