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Currently, he hosts The Capital Late Show on Monday through Thursday from 10 pm to 1 am, Capital Evening Show airing Fridays from 7 pm to 10 pm, and Capital's 'Big Top 40' and 'Sunday Night Throwback' on Sundays from 4 pm to 8 pm.

Oritse Williams decided to form his own boy band when he did not feel right that they were scouted for a number of boy bands.

I also don't want them to go on social media for a while." Fitting in exercise "My youngest still has an afternoon nap and a bit of a morning nap, so I've been trying to work out while that's going on," says Rochelle, although she's not so sure how long that will last.

"What I like to do depends on the day, but I enjoy a bit of running and core exercises generally." Making time for Marvin Rochelle doesn't profess to be an expert in parenting.

In week 7, JLS were in the bottom two along with Rachel Hylton.

However, they survived thanks to votes from Walsh, Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell.

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On 24 October 2013, they released their last book as a band called Forever and a Day, One Last Goodbye X On 23 July 2014, Humes formed a new dance group called Luv Bug featuring The White N3RD and JKAY and announced through social networking sites.He met Marvin Humes, through friends, who had experience in R&B and pop music, being a part of VS in 2004.Further Aston Merrygold and JB Gill patched up the group. Together they were called UFO (an initialism of Unique Famous Outrageous).Marvin Richard James Humes is an English actor, television presenter and Pop Singer with the English boy band JLS who has also hosted a Capital network radio show, best known as a former member of the boyband JLS, the runner-up boyband to Alexandra Burke in the fifth series of The X-factor whose estimated net worth is million.

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Humes hosted BBC’s The Voice UK with Emma Wills and created a DJ-Producer-Dance act Lu VBug after successful five years.These aren't exactly easy ages to handle but, in typical down-to-earth fashion, Rochelle says: "It's just something you get on with.And it's different the second time around, because you know what to expect." However, one thing that Rochelle did struggle with a little bit was sending Alaia off to school for the first time in September. "She was really excited." Things have got better since that first tricky day, though. "It's quite nice to have a bit of a routine." How her perspective has changed Understandably, Rochelle's perspective has changed hugely since becoming a mother."I'm winging it a lot of the time to be honest," she says.