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Deane also did a monthly interview program, with Sanford, Chancellor Brody, Dean Wasolick, Dean Griffiths, football coach Red Wilson, basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski and others as guests.

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A seven-day-a-week nightly news show was initiated, with Bill Love and Doug Davis as anchors.

Gavin Sasson was the weatherman, who developed quite a campus following.

Its early offerings included a Jimmy Buffett performance at Cameron Indoor Stadium, a performance by the Grateful Dead and several live feeds of Duke basketball games.

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Competing with five other channels at Duke, Cable 13 attracted a segment of the student audience.The network currently broadcasts multimedia content at Cable 13 in its first years shot with borrowed equipment and broadcast in black and white.Feature[ advantage ] There is a way of courtship called Omiai in which victims hire a few to give jobs and pictures to impartial mates for their approval, leading to a supposed for with gatherings and matchmaker attending.