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In the final twa masters tournaments, Murray exited in the third roond in Madrid an he went oot in the quarter finals o Paris. Durin the tournament in New York, Murray claimed his first win ower Nadal.

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Murray haes reached at least the quarterfinals o all Grand Slam tournaments he haes participated in syne 2011, wi the exception o the 2015 US Open. He an aa won a siller medal in the mixed doubles, playin wi Laura Robson.Follaein Wimbledon, Murray won Challengers events on the haurd courts o Aptos an Binghamton, New York.He then experienced his first Masters event at Cincinnati, whaur he beat Taylor Dent, afore losin in three sets tae world No. Wi a wild card entry, Murray played Andrei Pavel in the openin roond o the US Open, whaur he recovered frae bein doun twa sets tae ane tae win his first five-set match. He achieved a tap-10 rankin bi the ATP for the first time on 16 Aprile 2007, an reached a career peak o world No. Murray is the reignin Olympic champion, haein defeatit Roger Federer at the 2012 Olympic Gemmes in straucht sets tae win the gowd medal in the men's singles final, acomin the first British singles champion in ower 100 years, an defended his title in 2016.

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