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In summary what I can do is assure you that if you do what the average parents that have gone before you have done for their children, then your child will also progress... James Neubrander accidentally discovered that the methyl form of the B12 family—“methyl-B12”— greatly helps children on the autism spectrum when used correctly.

His protocols are now used by thousands of practitioners worldwide and parents universally say that methyl-B12 is one of the best treatments they have for their child...

Unfortunately you are looking at this website because your child, grandchild, or a friend’s child has been diagnosed with autism.

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Though most children do not reach full recovery, the vast majority improve at least moderately, if not significantly, with some reaching full recovery meaning they become indistinguishable from their neurotypical classmates in school or at play.

The good news is that biomedical treatments have worked for the vast majority of those I’ve seen over the last 20 years since I saw my first child with autism.

Since that child presented to me in the mid ’90s I have now seen approximately 4000 other children, either on the autism spectrum or children with some other type of developmental delay.

To say that I have excellent results in my clinic is neither arrogant nor bragging, it is just stating the facts that I can backup from what the parents tell to me on their detailed reporting system whenever we meet.

If you are looking for a warm and fuzzy doctor then you are looking in the wrong place.Methyl-B12 seems to unlock the areas of the brain that are required to verbalize and communicate effectively.It is not uncommon to see improvements in expressive, receptive, and conversational language as well as the ability to make longer sentences that include pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, etc!Others of you have heard of physicians like myself but have avoided seeing one of us for a variety of reasons...