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She called the school and set up an interview with the girls, and the next thing they knew, they were in the studio with giant padded headphones on their ears. You're on in five, four, three ..." "Please don't let us sound dopey," Mads prayed. Mary Dando: You started this site as a project for a sex education class, is that right?

"Everybody at school will be listening," Mads said. And ourannouncement on the blog." "Everybody in town, too," Holly said. Mary Dando: We're back with American Living on the National Radio Network. Lina: It's actually called "Interpersonal Human Development." Mads: But that's just a euphemism for sex ed.

It was alright, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone over the age of say 15. However, not everyone seems to speak the same language here.

Which could turn out to be a pretty big problem.according to what i've read so far, the story is about a dating game the main characters are Mada, Holly & mary.

But Mads, Lina, and Holly aren't giving up without a fight. Stine's Fear Street Series, The Blair Witch Files, and Mary-Kate and Ashley: Sweet Sixteen.

A former children's book editor at Random House and Parachute Press, Natalie Standiford is also the author of a number of children's books. 1 Radio Stars To: mad4u From: your daily horoscope HERE IS TODAY'S HOROSCOPE: VIRGO: The success you deserve finally arrives! " "It feels more like nauseo-spazzmosis," Mads said.

The book was completely and totally predictable which I hate in a book, I hate knowing the outcome before it's even in the working stages. Super cliche, wait no, not cliche, it's loathsome.3 girls from middle school standing up for a blog promoting sexual activities among students? Mads, Lina and Holly were abominable twits encouraging minors to be sexually active. The girls come up with a new feature to The Dating Game: a place where you can rate your exes!

She was hoping to catch us saying something super-dumb on live radio." "I think she'll be disappointed," Holly said. C., a pet-psychiatrist/playwright, was eccentric and creative and earthy but had the fierce maternal instincts of a she-wolf.

"You all sounded very articulate, and, um, lively-" "Like you were really having a good time in the studio," Russell said.

Then it spins out of control and crushes you like a tick. "What's that word for when your heart is racing so fast, your breath can't keep up with it and your stomach spazzes out? She and Lina and Holly were sitting in a radio studio, about to be interviewed live. You'll be charming." "You don't know us very well," Mads said.

" "I don't think there is a word for that," Holly said. They were waiting for Mary Dando, the host of the show, to give them their cue. Mary had heard about the girls' blog, the Dating Game, from her assistant, whose cousin went to their school. Madison, Lina and Holly created The Dating Game as a way to get credit for their interpersonal Human Dynamics course (a fancy name for Sex Ed).Now they've become sought-after online matchmakers for their whole school!So we put quizzes and questionnaires on the site, but we didn't get enough answers from boys.