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And lastly, high profile rape cases such as the Aladdin rape case (January, 2002) and the Mukhtaran Mai case (June 2002) occurred.

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Women’s activists from across Pakistan took to the streets to protest this judgment and the Hudood Ordinances that made the conviction possible.The government was compelled to act as women’s activists demonstrated their street muscle, and their campaign garnered support from international human rights organizations like the Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International and popular politicians and human rights activists like Benazir Bhutto, Sherry Rehman, and Iqbal Haider. Reflecting on this desire for tangible action, General Musharraf’s government passed the 17th Amendment to the Constitution in 2003 to make women’s reserved seats 17 percent of the total seats in the National Assembly. "Hundreds of Women Protest against Hudood Laws." Daily Dawn 2006, September 21, 2011 ed. Lawrence Ziring: Pakistan in the twentieth century: a political history. Under their proof requirements, the burden of proof fell on the accuser.

If the rape victim was unable to furnish four ‘adult, pious, upright and honest Muslim male’ witnesses to the crime, the accused were acquitted, and the rape victim was prosecuted and punished for adultery by being publicly flogged or stoned to death.

A study published by the National Commission on the Status of Women in 2002 showed that in little over two decades, 80 percent of women in prison were rape victims who were convicted for adultery.