Pakistani and american dating

28-Feb-2017 04:38

The Pakistani woman came to my house first, then her husband followed a bit later (it's just across the road, so very informal).

She was sitting down on one of my sofas munching on snacks when her husband arrived, then as soon as she saw her husband, she stood up from her seat to give it to her husband. All my Indian friends couldn't help but stare at that gesture which turned into a discussion when the couple left.

After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. The one I dated a while back was a Europeanized Indian woman coming from a Nordic country.

I haven't dated any for significant periods, but the ones I've gone out with were intelligent and articulate..of like the white and hispanic women I've dated. Needless to say she was gorgeous, and from what I've seen the ones who are 2nd and 3rd generatio immigrants are just the same as other Caucasian women.

For her, they bought her a plane ticket and sent her packing, so she had to move back to Pakistan and then re-apply for a residency visa, and got no help at all from her family.

Whenever I had dinner with her family, no women would sit down until the men had all sat down, and everyone seemed somewhat surprised when I'd pour tea for the women first or would let her order before me; also, when we were leaving and I got the door of the car for her, some of them looked on with curiosity.

If you think Indian women are doormats, well, you haven't met my sister in law.

The woman I was with was Muslim, but her family follows Aga Khan, who's a descendent of Mohammed but is very Westernized - he lives in exile in Paris, and his daughter married the (white, Christian) son of the mayor of Dallas (incidentally, 3/4 of her family lives in Dallas).Even his cousin in Calcutta who has never stepped foot in America. I also like Indian men because they're very gentlemenly and chivalrous, well at least the Indian men in my circle are like that One experience that's still fresh in my mind was when I had a house party a few years ago: I invited my Indian friends and my new neighbor who's a Pakistani woman.I also find Indian women to be more - how should I put it? The Pakistani woman came to my house first, then her husband followed a bit later (it's just across the road, so very informal).Monogamous, in a relationship, and considering entering a new relationship, you might not find much info on how to navigate your situation.

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