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21-Mar-2017 06:17

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what is double dating means

At Marvel in New York in the '60s, he created the comic book characters that dominate the box office today.

I miss the the rock and roll gossip thread so let's start a new one.

Jackie Fox and Sandy West were downright unprepossessing. Cherie Currie looked like she was under the influence of something and probably was. Young who was smitten with the slutty teenagers; he said he was "in love with all five of them.") is this.

It featured of close-up photo of Ford's crotch; she was wearing ragged Daisy Duke shorts that revealed her red underwear (well, at least she was wearing some).

"Are you ladies of the evening," she asked "no joke".

Laughing, we explained the situation to her after which she exclaimed : "No no no no no! Remember that poor young lady with Mike Tyson, she probably thought she was just going to talk with him." And then she escorted me out of the hotel!

Having read mountains of all of your very entertaining gossip and stories, I guess I should pay it forward. She seemed *very* reticent in answering questions but then dropped the bombshell of describing Lemmy from Motorhead as a "speed freak".

After a group pic with Simon Le Bon, we whispered into my ear : "Meet me in room 918" and waltzed into the hotel.

American pop singer Lissie Maurus is fabulously self-confident - she is proud of being 'an artist with something to say' and loves the fact that her.… continue reading »

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