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03-Jul-2017 02:28

More than a few people I have met in my therapy practice complain that the person with whom they are emailing promptly and abruptly stopped contacting them.

Also, there are those who seem to want to engage in emailing and promise to make a time to meet but always put it off to another time.

Trying to decide whether to delve into online dating? It may seem like something is missing when you find that you already know someone before even meeting in person.

On the downside of online dating, you can lose the element of surprise by making use of all of these dating tools.

There is no way to really learn about the person other than actually having the meeting.

Then, too, it’s necessary to keep in mind that this potential date is not tainted just because he or she is using an online venue for dating.

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In some cases, this is a way for people to meet and marry their significant other.

If every date is planned and scanned, where is the random surprise aspect that bring strangers together?

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