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To exercise wisdom is to make wise and consistent decisions and properly balance sensible priorities.Working outside the home is a reality for most women.Instead of 100 percent commitment, Hollywood sells the fantasy of temporary bliss and self- satisfaction.But a happy, lifelong marriage is well worth the effort.Solid, successful, loving families build stable neighborhoods, towns and cities that in turn form strong nations. Some of our strengths are obvious; others lie hidden.Yet in newspapers or television newscasts you will see evidence of the breakdown of society. The Bible shows that the answers lie closer to home. Wisdom applied properly can help us maximize our abilities. Proverbs 31 can be a fundamental part of this effort, offering guidance to females who are single or married, have children, careers, or any combination of these.(Of course, women learn wisdom from all aspects of life in and out of the home.

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All the plumbers were busy, so my husband and I tackled the unpleasant job of thawing and flushing the pipes ourselves. Start the day with prayer and Bible study to put things in proper perspective. Working outside the home is a reality for most women.

The advice in the 31st chapter of the book of Proverbs, which talks about this supermom of old, is just as relevant today as it was then, because wisdom from God is timeless.

Proverbs 31 helps the process because it clarifies our priorities for us: God, family and career or community.

When you have to burn the midnight oil, pace yourself.

Don’t burn out; find a routine and level that work for you.Proverbs -12depict a situation in which a solid marriage leads to success in and outside the home.Strive to be diligent and hardworking, and don’t panic over trivial matters.Serving as an asset to your husband should not be demeaning.