Radioactive dating corals

27-Jan-2018 23:53

This line of work has been further applied to another species of bamboo coral from New Zealand and related to possible indicators of ocean climate change (Neil et al. This trend continues to approach an activity of zero (or supported levels) in an exponential manner. It is this decrease in lead-210 activity that is a measure of age as activity approaches the asymptote (a line whose distance to a given curve tends to zero). These corals feed by waiting for small food particles to flow past, and then use their stinging cells to capture them. These beautiful animals are among the oldest living organisms; some reefs are several thousand years old, and some individual corals live several hundred years. Before researchers can fully understand the importance and sensitivity of these habitat-forming corals of the deep, we need more information about their life history, such as age, growth, and longevity.

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The aim of this portion of the study is to collect two relatively large colonies, along with a series of upper limbs or tips from colonies, within and between various locations.

: Preliminary evidence of oceanic climate change around New Zealand over the last century: the pole-equator seesaw.