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05-Oct-2017 22:35

In their stead is a small little M.2 PCB that has a single DDR3-1600 RAM IC (512MB on 512GB model and 1GB on the 1TB models), a single Toshiba TC58NCP controller, and either two (512GB) or four (1TB) Toshiba-branded MLC NAND ICs.

Phrases such as 'night and day' barely begin to cover how massive a change in design philosophy the RD400 signifies.

One of the challenges with this particular solution is the bandwidth it requires.

Before jumping onto the bandwagon, remember that quite a few motherboards have their M.2 slots wired for x2 PCIe connectivity while the RD400 requires a full four lanes.

The whole move towards NMVe is certainly a huge change for the traditional Revo Drive series but this evolution was born of necessity.

Simply put the days of large, unwieldy PCIe-based SSDs is coming to an end and in their place is a generation of sleek and adaptable drives which still manage to up the performance ante.

This is achievement is due to the fact that OCZ has opted for some of the best NAND Toshiba makes: 15nm Toggle Mode MLC NAND.

The only minor negative point in all of this is there is simply no room on this small PCB for true enterprise grade data write protection.

It is meant to combine bleeding-edge speeds for enthusiasts while still maintaining a holistic ecosystem thats completely bootable.The RD400 (which is available in 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB capacities) is all about speed while still delivering higher capacities at lower price points than competing solutions.This means it wont sit completely at the top of the performance spectrum but it is still a long shot away from a slow drive either.The RD400 also comes with a five year hassle-free "Shield Plus" warranty and is rated for an impressive 296TB (512GB model) and 592TB (1TB model) Total Bytes Written.

To put this in perspective, consumers will have to write more than 162/324 Gigabytes a day, every day for five years before the NAND is pushed beyond its rated durability.

Adaptability enters into this particular equation due to the 2280 M.2 form fact which OCZ has chosen.

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