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In fact, the details of the flood are not known to us [Widtsoe, p. —, "Earth" These people were so wicked that they were no longer allowed to pollute the earth by their presence on it or to bring innocent spirits into its decadent environment. Kent Nielsen, “The Gospel and the Scientific View: How Earth Came to Be,” Ensign, Sep 1980, 67 Is not today much like Noah's day when the population of the earth was wiped out in the flood and but eight righteous souls were spared?The Lord decreed that all living things would be destroyed by flood, with the exception of a faithful few who would be spared so that God could begin anew his creative work and reestablish his covenant among men. Jackson, “An Age of Contrasts: From Adam to Abraham,” Ensign, Feb 1986, 28 The worldwide flood of Noah's time has been accepted as a benchmark historical event by Jews and Christians for thousands of years..worldwide flood of Noah's time, so upsetting to a restricted secular view, fits easily into place. Some doubt that there was a flood, but by modern revelation we know that it did take place.12) This flood was the baptism of the earth; before it occurred the land was all in one place, a condition that will again prevail during the millennial era. We set up assumptions, based upon our best knowledge, but can go no further.

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However, more people are questioning their historical accuracy due to scientific reasoning, testing, and discovery.

If scriptures such as the Book of Mormon and Book of Abraham, which were translated accurately in the 1800s, show that events they reference as true events never really happened, then this creates a serious problem in establishing the credibility of those LDS scriptures.

The LDS church teaches that the flood of Noah was a literal global and worldwide event, and that the flood was the Earth's baptism.

But the family concept is under very serious attack today all over the world.

—Hartman Rector Jr., “Turning the Hearts,” Ensign, May 1981, 73 Two generations later the Lord was so pained by that generation “without affection” (Moses ) that he opened the windows of heaven and cleansed the entire earth with water.

The writer of Genesis made a faithful report of the facts known to him concerning the flood.

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