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25-Mar-2017 19:08

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Just have faith that it will all work out perfectly.’ “That’s not to say that I don’t have my days when I get depressed or angry,” she continues. My personal thoughts: The joy of being a celebrity is rocking the latest 'in' bag.

Check out the YSL handbags Lindsay Lohan and Jada Pinkett Smith got their hands.

These two beautiful women are starring one of Tyler Perry’s new movie, Family That Preys, which set to hit the theaters September 12.

Sanaa Lathan article on Kelis Adewale Ogunleye Dating? Articles are provided by external sources and miss-matched articles will automatically be purged. - SANAA LATHAN AND WALE OGUNLEYE - Dating, Gossip, News, Photos It looks as though Kelis is #Ontothenextone. Kelis Adewale Ogunleye Dating-Kelis is known for being a fashion trendsetter, but these days the newly divorced mom is setting trends in the romance department Looks like Kelis is back on the dating scene.

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That’s absurd, and I tweeted that in the moment, and I regret it. It’s just funny that if it’s written people believe it, and even though I have said I have nothing to do with him, people are still saying when the baby is due?

]Billboard's Hot 100 celebrated its 50th anniversary this year - August 1958 to be precise.

And here are my favorites off the many lists:"Say, Say, Say" - Paul Mc Cartney f/ Michael Jackson Two of the biggest artists of their time came together on this wonderful track.

We’re kind of divided over whether or not this sequel should be made.

Sometimes you just shouldn’t mess with a good thing.

They both live in Chicago and are often spotted out together there.