Scerbo dating

11-Nov-2017 20:17

After dating hotshots such as Michael Copon, Cody Longo, (ex-fiancee) Doug Reinhardt, and Josh Bowman, we cannot wait to know more about this sexy artist’s new love interest.

A spring wedding dramatically changes into a winter frosty divorce - in the same year. After dating for a year, Cody married Stephanie Nicole Clark.Reinhardt is a baseball player for the Baltimore Orioles and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.The pair made their relationship official in November 2010 via Instagram.Scerbo, however, hasn't mentioned anyone as her partner.

Cassandra Scerbo Dating History. Relationship info powered by Married; Relationship; "Encounter". 4. Joshua Bowman and Cassie Scerbo. 32 10.… continue reading »

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